Tiger MCC (Cambridge)

UK Cambridge

Tiger MCC started in 1991 when one 'Moggy' got stuff together and decided it was high time for bike people to do their thing in the somewhat dead and lifeless Cambridge area. For a good few years we were one of the few back patch MCC's to operate in the UK but at sometime in about 1999 we decided to become a front patch club. We did this because, whilst respecting those that want to maintain the traditional ways we decided it was no longer 'our thing' and that friends and partying were more important than some of the politics that can go with carrying the patch - We're party animals and we just wanted to spend our time doing just that.
Tiger MCC hold the Soggy Moggy Rally which is held on the second weekend of September each year near Godmancheter, Cambridgeshire at the Wood Green Animal Shelter.

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