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All you ever wanted to know about motorcycle clubsAll you ever wanted to know about motorcycle clubs but were too afraid to ask! 😎

From One Percenters (1%ers), Outlaw, MCC, MC, Brotherhoods & Sisterhoods to Riding, Family & Social clubs

Motorcycle Club Patches

Patches or colours will often change over time, if you have an updated image or a better image than displayed on this website please send it in by uploading or dragging it from your computer using the ‘Add Your Motorcycle Club‘ page.

Please use the same form if you wish to include a display of your previous patch or colours design you may easily add via your clubs page in the comments section found on every page or club page (Post) of this website, just make sure you add it or them on the correct page otherwise as admin it will get deleted when I’m moderating comments. I receive notice of every comment even though most will go live instantly I will still check each one.

One Percenters

One Percenters (1%er Clubs) are classed by the media as violent criminals, but the media is fake bullshit news, and only a 1%er can say what being a 1%er means, each club will have different definitions and interpretations of a One Percenters club membership.

The main thing you need to give being a 1%er is commitment, without commitment you’ll be out out.

There are various biker clubs throughout the globe, some with over 100 members and others with half dozen or so. The largest clubs are generally MC 1%er type with a three piece back patch but these are few, although they usually dominate the other clubs like an MCC in power and numbers and run control over other clubs in towns & in some cases cities and counties but not always as there are other clubs bigger or stronger than the One Percenters and are generally left alone.

MC Motorcycle Clubs

If an MC does not fly a 1% or 1%er patch but displays the MC patch on their backs ‘back patches’ or front of their cuts (leather or denim vests, jackets without sleeves generally worn over the top of protective rider gear) it generally means they have permission from local One Percenters to do so and may be an affiliate club for that club or have intentions of earning the approval of becoming 1%ers once earned.

An MC club could be a strong club that does not wish to be involved with (rare though) 1%ers.

MC should mean total commitment, it comes first in everything almost as is a 1%er, you live for the club.

There is a rank structure (officers) within, and you are answerable to the club for your actions.

Brotherhoods & Sisterhoods: A Brotherhood is generally a serious club being almost the same as an MC but are only allowed to fly their patches at the front & side of their cuts with the common intention of going full back patch MC once earned and recognised by local 1%ers, this is not always the case as some wish to remain as a Brotherhood and often fly a back patch or very large side patch.

Sisterhoods are another matter, so I won’t comment as I know nothing other than they’re being women only members. 🙄

MCC Motorcycle Clubs

What does MCC stand for in clubs? Many years ago, in the UK at least, pretty much all motorcycle clubs including some original one percenters wore an MCC patch, it simply meant motorcycle club but times change and some clubs wanted a separate identity from general motorcycle clubs to show others that they were a serious club with far more commitment, structure and rules that most MCC type clubs didn’t display or maintain.

What does MCC mean in a biker club? What is the difference between an MC and an MCC? Although it means the same thing in name only an MC are far more committed than an MCC. MC’s removed the extra C from MCC as they needed a way to show their commitment & strength compared to others.

South Africa is one other place that I can currently think of where MCC’s are common among clubs. Nowadays an MCC is fairly committed to their club and have the same structure and rules as MC, although they are usually dominated by the MC clubs and generally have to show support and be loyal to their local MC.

MCC clubs fly their patch on the front of their cuts and some are entitled to wear them as a side or single back patch.

Riding & Rally Clubs: RC has two meanings depending on which country you live in, in the UK it represents a Rally Club and in the USA it represents a Riding Club. I think they are pretty much the same thing but without rules or structure, they want to fly a patch without any commitment to anyone or anything.

There are others including Social, Family, Owners, Harley Owners (HOG), Trike and of course Scooter Clubs that often wear an SC patch but all groups and organisations are welcome to be listed here as long as it’s related to bikes or trikes with an engine.

Electrical powered bikes ridden by One Percenters, can you see that? I can’t not without that beautiful sound a V-Twin makes particularly Harley Davidsons.

Fake Motorcycle Clubs

Don’t be a dumb arse and buy patches from the internet unless they are support patches and then only buy from the club as there are shit loads of fakes being sold without any authority to do so, be warned and be careful.

Just go to any clubs website and look for support merchandise, or other like social media you’ll soon know if it’s club and if you can’t find ask them.

If you do decide to buy fake patches to hang in your workshop or wherever as a hobby that’s your choice, a twats choice though if you ask me.

All you’re doing by buying fake support gear is depriving real clubs of much needed funds and only an idiotic prick would buy fakes which makes you a million miles off from ever being a biker, use a little common sense if you have any.

Do not attach fake patches to any jacket and go out in public because if you’re seen by a real club member you might get lucky and just get a warning to take them off and never wear again, or you could at least get a hard slap or worse if you bump into a 1%er.

Even wearing a support patch could get you in trouble if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, and never wear a 1%er patch unless you have earned it.

My personal feelings in regard to my website on the politics of motorcycle clubs does not exist to be honest as politics should stay within club but rarely does even with the One Percenters or MCC.

I’m not interested in the bullshit outside of club business, I don’t agree to the bullying of smaller clubs in fact I’m against bullying in every sense of the word and believe in standing up for the smaller guy rather than following wolves like sheep that sheep or puppet clubs do out of fear of the wolf.

Who are the biggest outlaw motorcycle clubs?

List of Outlaw Clubs (1%ers) in the United States & The United Kingdom

In alphabetical order and top 5 of the largest:

Top 5 USA Motorcycle Clubs

Top 5 UK Motorcycle Clubs

Which motorcycle club is the oldest? This MCC is a racing club and not the same as a patched club or street rider club that we talk about in these pages. The British Motor Cycle Racing Club, known as “Bemsee“, is the World’s oldest motorcycle racing club founded in 1909.

The oldest running motorcycle club in the UK has got to be the Blue Angels or London Road Rats, please correct me and provide names and dates if you know otherwise as I’d hate to put up incorrect information!

If an MCC or One Percenters club or chapter is not listed here it’s only because I’ve not been asked to add it.
No other reason so please don’t ask me why a particular club is not listed, you may be loyal to a particular MC or MCC so just request them to be added, any type of motorcycle club are welcome.