UK Littleport, Norfolk

Founded in 2012, 363 MCC from Norfolk, are a group of guys & girls with interests in all the good things, motorcycles, music and good times !

363 MCC (UK)

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10/02/2019 16:06


I see you are having another festival at The Crown Littleport soon.
I was wondering if I could be a part of it?
I am called ZYGGY, a Rock vocalist and I do a tribute to Meat Loaf,. as I was in a tribute band to him a while ago.
I have played at the Crown a few times in the past and I know Robbie quite well.
I am also in a Rock Band playing covers that most other bands dont do, some Bob Segar, Joe Cocker, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heap etc, great tunes
that people can rock along to without playing the same old cover band songs.

My Wife used to work with Laura McKensie wife of Chris, I believe my wife found out about the ‘show’ through facebook, and she suggested I find the website and go from there.

Would be great to here back from you

Bob Mozejko