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I’ve been in and around motorcycle clubs since my early teens (14), I wasn’t born into it but easily found my way forward soon as I left school and even before leaving school I was heading in the right direction as a Greabo, cut off denim Levi covered in bog chains, studs & badges then I think it wasn’t long after leaving school before we were known as Greasers, black leather cut off decorated the same as the denim and marching around town rucking with the Smoothies & Skinheads .

About Arnie Admin

Anyway being a Biker was meant to be, it was in my blood and I know my father and grandfather had bikes in the past but nothing from when I was born, I guess I was just a natural born biker and joining a motorcycle club was the right path and best times of my life.

I was in manufacturing for most of my working life, sheet metal as an employee and after several years in 1992, I decided to try out a few ideas. I borrowed a small fly press from the company I was working for, made a small press tool and started knocking out a clip I’d invented for farm crates. Next thing I was renting floor space in a unit with a couple of machines I’d made out of bits and pieces.

So, I set up my own small company and went self employed. Six years later I had put my former boss out of business & his competition. However due to a bike accident and several years of working like a dog in a back breaking job, my back eventually said that’s enough!

I retired to the office and spent some of my time working on our website, then I built a website for Bull Trikes up in Scotland who was building me a trike in return. However the idiot hit the vodka hard, started to lose business and like several others, got no trike. I obviously felt sorry for those who had laid out so much money even though I’d spent hours working on the fucking Bull Trikes website.

Couple of my brothers paid him a visit, but he was in such a state, his wife explained how bad things were, that there was nothing left, so they left.

I built another website for the club I was in at the time, I think it was one of the free ones like GeoCities. I felt rewarded for my work but got fuck all thanks from the others.

I built another 1 or 2 sites for others until I decided on building one for myself. I couldn’t register Arnie (Thanks to that Arnold from the US of A) so settled for arn1e.

This site was booming for a few years but I lost interest, health had worsened, let things slide and concentrated more on a motorcycle related business site which I’ve been working so hard on, long hours that there’s been little time in my life to do anything else.

However, I needed a break and as the club scene is of great interest to me, this website was the ideal solution to fill some time, have a break from real work and although I’m still tidying things up and doing most of the things you’re supposed to do, there’s just so much to be done it’s a forever ongoing process.

This website is about the only technical thing I don’t mind having a go at with my feeble state of mind. I’ll always do a backup before I touch anything as I’ve learnt the hard way too many times so now when I break something and you wouldn’t believe how easy it is, just one press of a key can make a page or whole site disappear 🤦‍♂️

Health & Retirement

My last bike was a Sportster custom 1430 chopper, but the pain in my back had gotten too bad to go any further than a mile up the road to the service station. Very sad to see her go and just knew that I would probably never ride again and 8 years after selling on I sill haven’t but even without the back issues I have evolved other health shit to deal with.

I’ve got an implanted loop recorder in my chest (update: removed) and the doc monitoring it says my heart rate drops to 40 and peaks around 240 bpm, its under control now but I still have the device in my chest which must be over 4 years now since early 2018. I’ve had a stroke which wasn’t so bad as I never knew until they scanned my brain, the speech part showed some damage I remember a doc saying and this was only brought to light as I had a mini stroke (TIA) while sitting in local doctors surgery and then another not so long after.

Also in the last 16 years I’ve told I have bronchiectasis, TMJ/D, cervical & spine spondylosis, degenerative discs, crumbling vertebrae, (Six lower lumber fractures from a bike RTA I think when I was about 30 odd, never healed and look bigger than ever on the x-ray screen) ME-CFS, AFIB, fibromyalgia, corneal dystrophy, chronic anxiety & tinnitus, depression & insomnia (surprise, surprise), overloaded CNS, damaged vagus nerve from an oesophagus wrap (Nissen fundoplication) operation, dysautonomia, peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis, arthritis and the latest is gut related but as of 20th Feb 2024 I’m still waiting 18 months later to see a gastrologist.

FTW, life’s a bitch and then you die.

Anyway I hope you like the website, I built it though it has been a learning curb this WordPress platform maybe much easier to use but, it’s also very easy to bugger up as I’ve found on several occasion, 20 years ago I could have built this blindfolded but I suffer with brain fog so everything I do now is a struggle and I doubt that I’ll ever be able to ride again or even be in position of joining another motorcycle club.

Drop me a line in the comments and say Hi, be the first to comment as I made this page today 😎

With Respect, Ride Safe, Stay Safe, Be Healthy & Enjoy Life. LL&R


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