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I was in manufacturing for most of my working life, sheet metal as an employee and after several years in 1992, I decided to try out a few ideas. I borrowed a small fly press from the company I was working for, made a small press tool and started knocking out a clip I’d invented for farm crates. Next thing I was renting floor space in a unit with a couple of machines I’d made out of bits and pieces. I soon got the sack when my boss found out what I was up to when a potential customer snitched on me. So I set up my own small company. Six years later I had put my former boss out of business & his competition. However due to a bike accident and several years of working like a dog in a back breaking job, my back eventually said that’s enough. So I retired to the office and spent some of my time working on our website, then I built a website for Bull Trikes up in Scotland who was building me a trike in return. However the idiot hit the vodka hard, started to lose business and like several others, got no trike. I felt sorry for those who had laid out so much money even though I’d spent hours working on the Bull F’fing Trikes website.
Couple of my Bro’s paid him a visit, but he was in such a state, his wife explained how bad things were, that there was nothing left, so they left.
I built another website for the club I was in at the time, I think it was one of the free ones like Geocities. I felt rewarded for my work but got F’all thanks from the others.
I built another 1 or 2 sites for others until I decided on building one for myself. I couldn’t register Arnie (Thanks to that Arnold from the US of A) so settled for arn1e.

This site was booming for a few years but I lost interest, let things slide and concentrated more on a business site which I’ve been working so hard on, long long hours that there’s been little time in my life to do anything else. However, I needed a break and as the club scene is of great interest to me, this website was the ideal solution and so I’m just tidying things up and doing most of the things you’re supposed to do. You will notice a gradual change heading towards a whole new look thanks to help from my son who has learnt so much about web design, I’m so proud of him for many reasons as I am for my daughter, but what he’s learnt in IT is incredible.

I love the motorcycle scene, I class myself as a biker as many people that ride do. However there are many others that don’t. Bikers are generally known as having long hair, long beards, wear leather jackets & smelly jeans and cause mayhem in every town or village they rode to! Well that was the case 40 years ago when I started life as a biker but things change. A biker nowadays is more likely to have a skin head, be clean shaven or sport a small goatee, smell of aftershave, wear shiny leather trousers and behave, depending on how many beers or JD’s have been sunk! Fortunately there’s still plenty of old skool lads alive & riding, they have my utmost respect.

Other motorcyclists like to be known as just that or as a rider but a biker to me is part of belonging to a very large group of like minded people. Most are very friendly and will do anything to help each other. I have met hundreds of bikers in my years and many I would class as good friends or even now as brothers.

If you join a club & wear a patch you’re supposed to be all brothers but that’s not often the case. I’ve been in quite a few clubs and there’s some members I would call more of a wanker rather than a bro and there’s few from one particular club I was in, I’d call a hell of a lot worse than two faced lying bastards!! You know who you are if you’re reading this. All the crap I went through was all down to jealousy, very common in any group I know, but to have what I thought to be a couple of very close mates f**k me over, well I will never forgive or forget! Your time will come so watch your fucking backs! I soon found out who my true mates were and as for calling anyone a Bro, and all the clubs I’d been in to that point, I could count my Bros on one hand!

I’ve since moved on, found the right path and can now call dozens of friends my Brother. I’ve got many close Brothers now, very close indeed. I helped form another club, became president of a chapter and spent a few years riding & knowing the guys by my side always had my back. 100% dedication and loyalty to each other, something I’d never known of before. This was the life for me but unfortunately poor health forced me to retire from club, but I was still me and my Bros are always there for me, although I had to part with my bike.

I had a Sportster custom 1430, but the pain in my back had gotten too bad to go any further than a mile up the road to the service station. Very sad to see her go and just knew that I would probably never ride again.

29th Feb 2016: I’ve had to use a walking stick for 10 years, been very ill for 6, basically bedridden. The biggest issue for my illness is due to a lower back injury (6 fractures) and damaged nerves. So after a few years of trying out different medications, going to hell & back between certain drugs, seeing various consultants & having all sorts of tests, I have been diagnosed to date with the following:- Tinnitus (chronic), TMJ, Generative Disc Disorder, Crumbling Vertebrae, Spinal Spondylolysis, Arthritis, Damaged Nerves (Neuropathy), Fibromyalgia, CFSME, Chronic (GAD) Anxiety & Major Depressive Disorder (Hardly Surprising).

25th May 2016: Really pleased that my GP has sorted an appointment for me with a MECFS expert, according to all I’ve read these are pretty rare in the UK. Much more data on this disease can be found in the USA. Anyone suffering from the same, I’d be happy to hear from you. Update: MECFS clinic was complete waste of time & energy, the bitch sat there didn’t have a clue.

04th March 2019: Had a mini-stroke two weeks ago, I was sitting their in GP’s office feeling really ill, couldn’t talk, anyway I’ll cut this short, GP sent me home with a BP pill but I couldn’t get out of doctors surgery by myself as couldn’t walk. Ended up at A&E, several tests later I was told they think I had mini-stroke. Well I was booked in to see cardiologist today and she said according to MRI scan that I’d had a stroke in the past! She was bit concerned as lots going on with me but wanted me back at weekend for some further tests. (Scary shit TBH).

06th June 2019: Have now been told that I have an overloaded central nervous system so I’m in a constant state of stress (I have told my GP that more than once!). I got a positive Romberg test, and failed pretty miserably at half of the neurological tests. Doc booked me in for a full spine MRI to see what’s going on as my position has deteriorated considerably since my last visit to the pain clinic.

I hope you like the new website, I built it but my son has had to help with much of the technical side of things as my brain just doesn’t function as well as it used to. So any mistakes you see while browsing these pages, please let me know as I don’t rate this WordPress much as its so easy to bugger up. 07th November 2019: I’ve now got the hang of this and have applied several improvements over the last few weeks

The old guest book has gone which is a shame as I had received so many messages of support from all over the world, but you may leave comments below which may be monitored before going live. I’d love to hear from you.

With Respect
Ride Safe, Stay Safe, Be Healthy & Enjoy