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Add Your Motorcycle ClubAdd your Motorcycle Club by sending details to get listed, provide images of your colours or patches, lots of description, where you are based, when formed, some of your club’s history, as much information as possible, then I’ll include be it an existing club, new or a club that’s long since folded.

You are welcome to send in details of your local club or any other motorbike club you know of but note some particularly One Percenters (1%ers) don’t always approve of these being displayed anywhere other than on their own website or property. I would ask that you seek permission of any existing MC or MCC club to post detailed information as a matter of respect and courtesy.

Most club details are all in the public domain anyway but, if you find anything within these pages that displays your content that you would like removed, edited, or updated please use the form but include proof that you are an official officer of the club.

Doesn’t matter what type of club as long as it’s two or three wheeled related and no, electric push bike clubs (heaven forbid) are not acceptable! 

Make it worth posting for Google SEO is Important!

If you only write a sentence, it won’t get found in search engines as visitors want to know who you are, how you started, what you do and so on. The more text you include will benefit your club’s ranking on search engines, here’s some idea of content to help add description:

» Add a few paragraphs describing the club like history
» When club was founded
» How the club began or how it folded
» When and where you meet
» Details of events like bike shows or rallies you lay on or help out with
» What charities you support if any
» What club affiliation or association you have if any
» Write as much as you can as it will help boost your club name on search engines like Google & Bing

You can also add upto 3 images of your club colours or patches as they are presently or of how they looked when your club formed, if there has been any change

Make your addition on the A to Z List of Motorcycle Clubs and organisations stand out. I will add your details ASAP, normally within a week or two.

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Add this website to your website by copying the domain name in your browser, just the first part and use a short but club related description such as “The A to Z List of Motorcycle Clubs”

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Add Your Motorcycle Club

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