Alba Trike Club


Our mission is to promote Brotherhood, Courtesy and Respect among all riders no matter what brand or model they ride.

To promote a better triker image and continue to teach and learn the style of those who went before us known as 'old school'.
We respect them for paving the way, setting the standards and the sacrifices they made making our ride safer for us. They broke the trail and now it’s up to us to keep the tradition alive. To promote a better image for those who ride and to keep what they started years ago going strong.
We are a TC (TRIKE Club) NOT an MC (Motorcycle Club) We claim NO territory, and don’t have a clubhouse or specific meeting place at this time. Our patches are bought not earned. We don’t have any issues with MC’s or other RC’s. We mind our own business and will not get involved with other club’s issues. We are NEUTRAL and intend to keep it that way! We do not have regular meetings or a club house for our members but if issues come up that need to be voted on we will let members know when and where with as much prior notice as possible
We have officers for the purpose of delegating duties, chores, and organizing rides. We have been talking to and introducing ourselves to other RC’s and MC’s that we’ve met, extended our hand in friendship and explained what we’re about in hopes of riding the same roads in harmony with everyone. We just want to ride, have fun and mind our own business.
Our goal is to belong to a group of like minded people that own trikes for the purpose of riding them rather than letting them sit in the garage or under a cover. To ride together as Brothers and support each other in good times or bad. To fill the gap between Motorcycle Clubs and people who want to “belong” to a group rather than just ride alone. We ride for charity events, to rallies or whatever excuse we can find. The idea is to get together, sometimes as strangers with a common interest, then become friends who ride together, then better friends and then more like extended family. We help each other out when help is needed and no rider is ever left behind.

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  1. Hi guys, was great to meet a few of you at the South Queensferry RNLI Custom show.
    I’ve managed to secure myself a nice VTX1800 trike. As I’m paraplegic, I’ll have to have hand controls and wheelchair storage sorted before I can get out. The current owner is kind enough to hold it until I get the funds together to buy and adapt. Then I’m looking to join a club like yourselves who pride on brotherhood, charity and supporting our troops. I want to be able to join in charity runs, and hopefully inspire other riders like guys injured while serving to find that life after injury can actually be a great life.
    Love the site. Hoping to get back on the road sooner rather than later. Kirst J.

  2. We’ve been going for 2 years now and getting stronger all the time.
    Come along and get to know us…
    We offer bundles of fun whether we’re on a run or a meeting.

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