Bad Wabbit Crew (UK)

UK West Sussex

The Bad Wabbit Crew was formed in 2011 and our aim was and still is to party hard and regularly.

Most of us live in West Sussex but Wabbits can be found in other places as well. Indeed, there is now a Wabbit Warren in the Midlands. Although we are not a bike club most of us do ride motorcycles and visit bike rallies, events and bike clubs throughout the year. We have few rules and are happy to party with just about anyone who finds us. At least once a year we organise an event to raise money for charity whilst socialising with those who know us as well as anyone else who chooses to attend.

From its start in 2011 our Bad Wabbit Shindig rally has been a great event for both the biker community and locals to enjoy with food, drink, stalls, a bike show with trophies and live music outdoors during the day and on stage inside during the evening by a variety of bands.

Bad Wabbit Crew (UK)

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