Bald Guys Motorcycle Club (USA)

USA International

We are bald and proud of it, we ride, we drink, we are a bad influence.
Our club is based on the friendship and brotherhood we have when we share the open road. Our focus is in fun, motorcycles, micro-brews and, of course, a few good cigars for good measure.

As of March 2009 we have grown to well over 200, no not nose hairs, chapters. We are now located in most US states, UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and Mexico. A heads above the rest, a motorcycle club for the follically challenged. We work and work and work and ride when we can. Hey we have to pay for the bikes. We’re bald, we’re bold & we’re beautiful; well bald at least. Do you have more hair in your nose and on your back then you do on your head ? Could you weave a blanket from the hair on your butt ? Do you comb your hair with a wash cloth ? Think hair weaves are a terrorist plot ? Then you’re probably one of us. We’re a club that’s heads above the rest and it shows.

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