Bandidos MC (Finland)


In Finland There Is An Organization Called MKKV, That Freely Translated Stands For Motorcyclists Against School Bullying. Bandidos MC Finland Part Of The Great Red And Gold Nation, Often Attend Events Such As Motorcyclists Against School Bullying.

Bandidos MC Nokia and Bandidos MC Hanko celebrated their anniversaries together at Hanko, Finland. Bandidos MC Nokia had their 6 years and Hanko their 3 years anniversary party. Brothers and supporters from Hanko organized everything this time and party was as good as it gets and everything went smooth.
The party started as early as Thursday when first visitors from outside of Finland came to Nokia. There was Brothers from Germany and also support club Chicanos MC members from Germany. With them we had first some fun at Nokia Clubhouse and on Saturday everybody got to Hanko.

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