Barrel Bikers MCC (UK)

UK Buckingham

Really we are a Club of friends who like to ride, help each other out and party together, no matter what we ride or how long we’ve ridden it.

The Barrel Bikers (Buckingham) Motor Cycle Club was formed in 1979 by a small group of motorcyclists from various other Bike clubs in the Buckingham area. Now we have over 70 members, mainly coming from in and around the Milton Keynes, Northants, and Bedfordshire area, but with members as far afield as Cornwall.
The Club covers a whole range of motorcycle related interests, from Custom Bike’s right through to Drag Racing. Our members ride all types of machine from Learner Legal Bikes, to Streetfighters, Trikes, and Classics. All riders and machines are welcome!
As usual, feel free to drop in and see us any Wednesday evening from around 8pm.

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