Black Bears MC (Russia)

Russia Yaroslavl

Black Bears MC Russia Is An Uncommercial Regional Public Organization, Which Unites People Under The Generic Banner Of A Bike Cult, Free Spirit And Fraternity.

There are about 50 motorcycle communities in Russia. Almost in every region of our immense Russian land, people who can hardly drive a motorcycle consider the idea of uniting to be very important. Sitting on a bike, they are proud of riding without a helmet. They just wear a jersey and a biker’s vest, with "colours" painted with a pen and call themselves "Motorcycle club (MC)". But unfortunately not many of such "riders" guess about the real meaning of this name MC as well as the notion of the word "club". There is no need to waste time talking about them. MC "Black Bears" is the first and the only motorcycle club in Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region. This club isn’t going to share or to contend it’s own rules for primacy.

Black Bears MC (Russia)

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