Black Pistons MC England (UK)

UK, England

Black Pistons MC England are The Outlaws MC England Official Support Club.

In February 2003 The Brotherhood Motorcycle Club, who were based in Birmingham UK are patched over to Black Pistons MC, making them the first chapter in the UK. Black Pistons MC are rapidly expanding throughout the United Kingdom as well as the rest of the world.

Black Pistons MC England

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They were rapidly followed by chapters in London and around the country and most Outlaw chapters had an associated Black Pistons MC support club.

Over the next three or four years many of the Black Pistons members stepped up to become Outlaws and the numbers declined until, in 2007, there were only three members left in the Cotswolds. This situation persisted until 2009, when the remaining members set about rebuilding the club. Chapters started up all over England, Wales and Scotland, with an explosion of members and today there are many chapters across the UK and the club always looks to grow and expand.

Black Pistons MC England

The first chapters of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club was born in Germany on the 19th of February 2002, with the following five chapters being formed:

  • BPMC Lippstadt (formerly Rolling Stones MC (Affiliate: Ghost Riders MC)
  • BPMC Gedern (formerly Iron Thunder MC & MF Gedern … MF = MCC in the UK)
  • BPMC Leutershausen (formerly Wildscatters MF)
  • BPMC Illmenau
  • BPMC Bieberach

Daytona Bike Week, March of 2002 and a club called Satan’s Syndicate in Columbus, Ohio became the first in the USA to patch over to become the Black Pistons MC Columbus (Columbus still have several of their original members, with several more having stepped up to become Outlaws), with a second chapter opening in Ocala, Florida very soon after. 19 August 2002 saw the first BP clubhouse open in the US in Shelbyville, Kentucky and today there are Black Piston chapters in states all across the United States.

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