Blue Breed LEMC (USA)

USA Nevada

A Law Enforcement Only Club. All Of Our Members Are Active Duty Police Officers.

The Blue Breed LEMC is an 100% Police only club, all of our members are active duty officers who share a love for riding motorcycles and enjoy being together. Our family is included in all our activities and our core values never change on duty or off, we understand that as police officers we are held to a higher standard than anyone else, we not only accept this standard, we embrace it. No one could hold us to a higher standard than ourselves , we know who and what we are and we emulate no one. We are not bullies, jerks or wanna be tough guys with a pack mentality, we are brothers who love riding our bikes and having fun .
We respect your right to ride alone, hey the world needs individuals too, all we ask is you respect our right to ride as a club, for us it's about brothers and riding and that's it, that's what the Blue Breed LEMC is about.

Blue Breed LEMC (USA)

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