Bond Slaves MC (Canada)

Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Canadian Mother Charter Is The Oldest International Christian Motorcycle Club In The World.

Sometime back in the early 70's a group of men heard God's call. There was a large movement of God's Holy Spirit throughout the biker community and Christian clubs for bikers and biker churches started to emerge.
The Bondslaves MC Christian Motorcycle Club was founded in 1989 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has established chapters throughout Canada and the USA. Bondslaves MC is a traditional club and wears a 3-Piece patch. Our members ride North American made bikes only (i.e. Harley, Indian and Victory.)
Bondslaves MC will celebrate 30 years of ministry in 2019.
We love Jesus, love to ride and have a big heart for the motorcycle community.
The mother charter of the Bondslaves Motorcycle Club located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has faithfully served as the evangelism arm/team of House of the Risen Son Ministries ever since. The club not only provides accountability and support amongst its members but serves a key role in discipling all the men of the congregation, members and non members alike as they live in community.

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