Brotherhood of Old Bikers (USA)


We Were Originally Formed As A Social Organization To Promote Fun In The Biker Lifestyle

Brotherhood of Old Bikers Mother Chapter based out of USA Northern California.
We started out as a group of family and friends that ride. We try to maintain a blend of Old School tradition and 21st century biker attitude. We are also involved in trying to raise money for research groups and charitable organizations.

We do require that all of our members have ridden at some time. Many of our members cannot ride any more due to disabilities. Many have lost their scooters and are rebuilding. That is where the Brotherhood & camaraderie come in. We hope you always keep in mind that you will be wearing a patch that represents our organization. Respect is what is expected. If you have been around long enough, you know that respect does not stop at members of the Brotherhood. Keeping this in mind will go a long way in promoting good will toward all organizations. What we want is maximum fun at any and all events. As Members of the Brotherhood, you would conduct yourselves as such.

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Would like to join your club please call me at 330 321 6893 I live in Ohio thanks for your response