Brothers In Arms MC (Germany)

Germany Ammelbachtal

May 1992, 12 Men Founded The Mother Chapter To The Brothers In Arms MC Honzrath

The Brothers in Arms MC was founded in Ammelbachtal on 01.10.1995 as Chapter of the Brothers in Arms MC Honzrath. This had been preceded by good contacts with individual members of the Mother Chapter, who had come to parties and motorcycle meetings. Joint activities brought the two motorcycling groups even closer together, so that after a reasonable amount of time, they decided to form Chapter Ammelbachtal.
The Brothers in Arms MC Ammelbachtal rides all types of motorcycles that have more than 250cc. The range includes Harley, Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha, which, however, no longer meet the standard condition. The style ranges from chopper to "Fighter". Until the year 2000 there were also female members. Since then, the club consists of male members only - and it will remain so. The highlight of the season is the club outing, which lasts several days and includes destinations in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the whole of Germany and is obligatory for all members.

Through a variety of contacts to small, medium and large clubs emerged occasional friendships to their members in recent years, but does not affect our neutrality. We are an independent, free motorcycle club and do not support anyone!

Brothers In Arms MC (Germany)

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