Caldarium MCC from Oxford UK is a side patch club and was founded in August of 2000.

Our membership ranges from 18yrs to 60 plus, from housewives, carers, warehouseman to accountants, we are basically one big happy family.

Caldarium MCC own and ride Motorbikes, mopeds and Trikes. Although our membership does change (number wise) we seem to very quickly settle back at around the thirty mark.

The unusual thing about us, as opposed to most other ‘side patch’ clubs, it that our membership is pretty much fifty-fifty, male-female membership and in the officers too.

Caldarium MCC meet fortnightly at Wetherspoon's, The William Morris, 59a Between Towns Road, Cowley, Oxford. OX4 3LR, and like to consider ourselves to be a family friendly club. Although saying that, we’re not everyone’s cuppa tea! And not everywhere we go or everything we do is suitable for too younger a peeps, anyone found trying to change that in the negative is quickly detected and removed.

We are also part of the Thames Valley Coalition with about 16 or 17 other clubs, and once a month we meet up with other motorcycle clubs from all over the Thames Valley Region. It’s proven to be a great way of meeting other clubs and co-ordinating our events trying to make sure that they don’t clash, and also join together and support charities in the Thames Valley area.

Caldarium MCC, like a lot of Motorcycle Clubs, raise monies for charity, we do this through out the year, but predominately, twice a year in the form of our ‘Egg Run’ at Easter and our ‘Hex Rated Rally’ in the last weekend of October. We do expect one hundred percent attendance from our membership for these two events.

Caldarium MCC

Caldarium MCC have been doing their Egg run ‘Yolks on You’ for 11 years now, the very first being April 2000. Caldarium, based in Oxford invite Bikers from all over the UK, we have had visitors from as far a field as Northern Ireland and The Isle Of White, asking them to bring along a donation of an Easter Egg or suitable toys and books or even a monetary donation, to meet up together in a designated spot and ride out to Local Schools and Hospices for Children with Special Needs and personally deliver said Eggs and Books and Toys.

The Children seem to get a great thrill from meeting the Bikers, looking and sitting on the Bikes and Trike's and greeting the ‘Giant Pink Rabbit’ and of course receiving all that chocolate.

The places Caldarium MCC support at the moment are: Bardwell School in Bicester, Jack Howarth House and Viking House in Northway (Oxford).

At the end of the day we retire back to the Millennium Hall and have a party, to say thank you to the participants and to fleece them for their pennies. The raffle is our big thing in the evening, the prizes being donated by generous local business and we would like to mention that 300 of the Easter Eggs have been donated by the CO-OP this year and in previous years. And the money we raise then gets divided up between the Children’s Homes and Hospices.

Caldarium MCC

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