Calgary Motorcycle Club (Canada)

Canada Calgary

The Calgary Motorcycle Club was established in 1926 – making us one of the oldest clubs in Canada.
It’s not what you ride, it’s who you ride with!

Whether you are looking for asphalt rides or dual purpose/adventure riding with a family friendly, socially motivated group – come check us out!
Flash forward to the year 2019 and the Calgary Motorcycle Club is still here, still doing what it does best, riding motorcycles. The clubs interests are primarily touring, which includes riding the hi-ways and byways of Calgary and surrounding regions. The club does not just limit itself to the pavement but also travels the dirt roads and gravel roads of Alberta and B.C. by hosting several dual sport rides as well. Whether it is a short scenic day trip, a poker run, or a long weekend camping trip, we invite you to join the Calgary Motorcycle Club on our adventures and enjoy the camaraderie of touring throughout some of the most scenic areas of Alberta and western Canada.

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