Caribbean Eagle MC (Venezuela)


In 2000 the Caribbean Eagle MC participates as a founder of the national association of motorcycle clubs of Venezuela, in the same year the chapter on Venezuela changes to the current logo.

In the early 1990’s a group of French motorcyclists on the island of Saint Marteen and Guadeloupe is grouped to form a society of tourism motorcyclists in the Caribbean islands integrating the Aruba, Cuaracao, Puerto Rico, Saint Marteen, Guadalupe, Gustavia Islands , Abymes and on the mainland French Guiana and Venezuela.
Its membership reached around 800 members in the entire Caribbean area, but since many of them were passers-by on the islands, they began to dismember, with the exception of Saint Marteen, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Venezuela, where the Caribeean Eagle was strengthened as the first duly constituted club of Motorcyclists owners of HD motorcycles in Venezuela in 1997, all being active members of the HOG (Harley Owners Club).

Caribbean Eagle MC

In 2011 the Caribbean Eagles expanded its wings in a new chapter, that of Maracay / Valencia and with members in Puerto La Cruz and Barinas. By 2020, due to the global situation of the COVID19 pandemic, Caribbean Eagles continues its activities within the local biosafety regulations that restrict mobility but without ceasing to share among its members that they are still in Venezuela and with the support of those who are in other latitudes, preserving the brotherhood and communication that has always characterized us.

Caribbean Eagles Moto Club De Venezuela

Non profit civil association For the development of Sports, Tourist and Experimental Motorcycling
Affiliated to the Harley Owner Group

Caribbean Eagle MC


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