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The New York Celtic MCC was formed in June 1991. We have approximately fifty-five members. The club was formed for individuals who own and enjoy motorcycles.

Celtic MCC Motorcycle Club is an AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) charted club and pursues their goal of promoting and protecting the interests of motorcyclists.
As an active member of the AMA we participate in AMA events which include one-day rides and occasional weekend runs and we also sponsor our own club events which range from one day events to weekend trips and many members also take longer journeys which have lasted months taking them as far as Alaska and even overseas.
We also respect our community and heritage. The CMCC actively contributes to local charities by participating in and sponsoring fund raiser events.
We hold biweekly meetings on Monday nights (excluding holidays) at 8:30pm at our Bronx clubhouse. If you are interested in coming down to meet our members and learn more about the club, please contact us ahead of time to make sure you come on a Monday when our meeting is held.

Celtic MCC (USA)

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