Celtic Warriors Brotherhood (UK)


Celtic Warriors Brotherhood was formed in early 1993 with the philosophy of riding free and easy and with no formal construction. It soon achieved a membership of over 200. Not long after the club’s conception, it was decided that apathy ruled and the only way forward was to formalise things. Most would say that this would sound the death knell, but in truth it was the best thing ever to happen. Those with apathy left and those that stayed formed themselves into geographic regions (like forming chapters).

At the club’s height there were over 20 regions of all sizes. Those regions (as today) had a Rep to look after their interests and to give these regions a voice.
As the Celtic Warriors Brotherhood became more well known and formed alliances, we cut the number of regions quite dramatically to the five regions we have now, all based in the southern half of England.

The club got tighter and evolved into what it is today (2000) – a back-patch Brother and Sisterhood. Our aims are to do our own thing but above all to look after each other with help, support and a big amount of respect and loyalty.

We are not a political or territorial club. We support the senior clubs in our local regions and travel into Europe as often as we can.

We are famous for the events that we usually hold at the start and the end of the “rally season”, particularly our Birthday Bash.
These events are not set up to be commercial. They are organised on a “to cover costs” basis, hence the low ticket price.

The club is always interested in talking to potential new members, but think long and hard before you ask to join us as although it has its rewards, membership is no picnic. You will notice that as a Brother and Sisterhood, we do have female members in the club. These are not just somebody’s wife or girlfriend. They all ride, have their own bike or trike and are independent individuals. They have to prove their worth on their own merit in the same way as all the male members. At present there are very few females who have met the criteria.
The club has no formal long term ambitions, we just go with the flow and will evolve as we have always done.

Celtic Warlocks Brotherhood Founded in 2005 and Sanctioned by the MC Clubs in Australia are a Brother Club to the Celtic Warriors Brotherhood in the UK.

The Celtic Warriors Brotherhood would like to announce that as from the 16th October 2006 the Celtic Warriors have disbanded. This was a decision taken by ourselves & the rumour going around that we was forced or told to disband is not true.

Celtic Warriors Brotherhood


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Hi, my name is Donna .I worked at raw motorcycle spares in Northampton back in the late 90s and went over to Belgium with the club , I was just wondering how every one is doing . I recognise the name rat if I remember correctly he was an out rider for the ride over to Belgium. What an absolute blast that was .
I hope you remember me ?


any chance of any birthday bash t shirts mine worn out


I don’t know how many brain cells we left in the fields of Cambridgeshire, I do know that nobody partied like the Cee-Doubleyous. Nothing but fond memories – love and respect to you all, wherever you are now.

the Prof

The great days of being a Warrior and the ‘show us yer nuts’ rallies

Professor Yaffle


The old days I sorely miss.

Reply to  SadSack

You still got your Guzzi SadSack?

Reply to  Frak

HOHO No, I Sold it off to buy that weird Z750 Dragbike thingy.
Nasty thing is, that blew up about 4 months after buying it and my Guzzi is still on the road ( according to its Reg Plate info )
I am currently riding a VX800 Bobber and a Beetle Trike with a Turnkey1600 engine in it. Slow but fun.


Sad days since brothers
Wishing you all the best

John aka pogo
Reply to  Rat

Yo Rat was just talking about you the other weekend and our wheeliebin/dumpster fun in Belgium hope your OK and all good keep riding bruther pogo

Rokket - Celtic Warlocks Australia MCC

Such a shame.
Wishing Members all the best.

Rokket – Celtic Warlocks Australia MCC