Chopper Club (Germany)


Since 1990 Shines The Diamond In Germany With The (CCG) Chopper Club Germany. In The Course Of Time More And More German County's Are Founded.

About 25 years ago, some German bikers contacted the English National Chopper Club. Earlier, they marvelled at some motorcycles in Back Street Heroes magazine, which had been built by members of the club. But it was not only the mobile stages that inspired the Germans - the philosophy of the English also convinced them. They therefore contacted the President of the National Chopper Club. And after they had visited several runs of the club abroad, they founded the Chopper Club Germany in 1993 only a year later. Initially, the German section was sponsored by the Chopper Club Belgium, and in the year 2000 the Germans celebrated "Independence". From then on, they were independent and entitled to equal rights, so they could choose their own president.

Chopper Club (Germany)

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