Chopper Club (Wales)

Wales / Clwyd

Chopper Club (CCW) Wales Have Members All Over The Country And Also Four Clubhouses. Please Get In Touch If You Would Like To Contact Your Local Area Rep.

The National Chopper Club was formed in England in 1973 but by the mid seventies there were members in Wales, along with their own Welsh Rep. Initially Wales was divided into South, West and Mid Wales but over the years, with increasing membership, Chopper Club can now be found in all counties throughout the country.
In 1991 we were given our Chopper Club Wales back patch which enabled us to form our own committee with a Welsh President. This back patch was later replaced with just Chopper Club as a mark of unity across countries and is worn by all patch members.
The Welsh club continues to grow in numbers and presently has four clubhouses throughout Wales.
The club is not just about the bikes, even though we build some off the best bikes in the world, it’s about the people, the parties and without doubt “The Brotherhood”

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