Chosen Few MC (Belgium)


First Time We Met Was In The Early 90’s At A Rally In France. The Rally Was Organised By Chosen Few MC France Where We Got To Meet All The Chapters Of The CFMC.

After a long time of partying together we lost contact in 1995 but everything started rolling again in 1998 when Chuckles from Chosen Few MC Belfast got us all back together.
In June 1999 we had our first meeting at the Euro Run in France.
The big issue at that time was whether or not we could run Chosen Few MC in Belgium (official support existed in Belgium in 1996 but didn’t last and had nothing to do with us).
So in September 1999 we obtained the status of “official hang-around” and during that time we met old and new friends, who were all very positive about our club.
In February 2000 we became prospect in France and at the same time some of our friends became Official Support Chosen Few MC France (and of course later on prospect).
The Belgian prospect chapter was now becoming a strong and solid MC, so in June 2001 at the Euro Run in Marne, France we received our full membership of the Chosen Few MC this meant the birth of the CFMC Nomad chapter in Belgium.
We are proud of what we are and intend to stay this way by preserving our lifestyle. We ride all kinds of bikes but prefer customized bikes with a personal touch.

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