Clansmen MC (USA)

USA Toledo, Ohio

The Clansmen MC At One Time Was The Ranking Club In Toledo, Ohio And Quite A Few Members Became Mongols MC And Then Some Patched To Outlaws MC.

My oldest Brother BT Baker started the club back in 1967’ish.
In the 80’s those that did not want to join the nation clubs “retired” so to say and became “Nomad” lower rocker. The Clansmen still hold the highest respect in the Toledo area for creating the most beautiful choppers of that era. Many times we would sweep the Auto-Rama in trophy’s.
One of my High School friends became the #2 in the National Outlaw MC Nation before turning snitch for the fed’s against Taco Boman. Another Brother, Dave Spurgeon got into some trouble but now has become a preacher and spreads the good word. Overall an amazing MC club from the 60-70’s which many members went on to gain notoriety. Toledo is often over looked as a centre of MC Clubs back in day.
Credit – Pete

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Michael Mandola

i am a former Marine and a former chicken choker ( Warlock ) I lost my right leg below the knee live in Wilmington NC hope you have a chapter near by if you do i lnow i have to start. As a hang around i can get around but not that fast Gunny1%er