Coffin Cheaters MC (Florida)

USA Florida

“Often Imitated Never Duplicated” The Original Coffin Cheaters MC. As You May Know There Are Several Clubs Known As The Coffin Cheaters. We Are The Original Club From 1963 In Florida

As you may know there are several clubs known as the Coffin Cheaters. We are the original club. In 1963, “Preacher” was coming home from the service and was invited to visit a member of the coffin cheaters in Long Beach, California. After an extended period of time, a lot of partying and serious riding, “Preacher” returned home to Cleveland, Ohio. When he returned he picked up riding with friends who wanted to start a club in Cleveland. “Preacher” then again visited the coffin cheaters in Long Beach and on March 7, 1963 returned to Cleveland with a charter to start the club. Sometime there after, the Long Beach chapter patched over to another club the offer was made to the Cleveland chapter but declined. The Cleveland patch was changed shortly after to what it is today. We now have members in Ohio, Penn, Florida, Louisiana, Alaska, and Colorado. We have lost many brothers who were killed during the biker gang wars of the 60’s and 70’s for us. Most notable, an out of town gang shot and killed or wounded several of the brothers. (Shot in the Back) in a bar in Cleveland, Ohio. The situation was quickly dealt with and they were sent back to parts unknown.

Our original charter members are getting up in age but are still partying and riding. Our sons and relatives are caring on and hopefully some of their sons will do the same. We look for no trouble, but our history dictates that we do not hesitate to settle any. Many people ask why they don’t hear a lot about our club. We do not want to be featured on TV, Gangland, the History Channel or anywhere else. Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. We do not participate or condone the use of or sale of guns, drugs or any illegal activity of any kind. We have stayed off the radar for 40+ years, and only now do we feel it is important to tell our story, the life we live everyday, due to all the other clubs imitating the Coffin Cheaters MC.

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If you are part or representative of the OG Coffin Cheaters than why is your patch different?

Marcus Abbott

Yeah brothers.
The Australian Coffins joined with the lone Wolves and stole many things from me including the supporter tshirt I purchased from you…really pissed off..but, what goes around..will kick them in the head..nastier than realised with our local law enforcement also employed by the Corn Chips and lone faggots..
They even got me gaoled one of the BOYZ..taken down a numbers of meth labs in bush..all respects to family and associated friends..really though I need to finish tourism degree and flee this sick country..

Holly Fletcher

Hi my name is Holly Fletcher. Geraldton Western Australia. 1933 covens brotherhood’s came up from near San Andres Fault. Each looking for that something specific. The hands speak you know. A lot of Presidents 1% would have the parchment with red wax candle seal and tree of life on it. I am all. Ridiculous maybe but not. Seventh son of seventh son I am. 61457755604 number if you know. Mt Rushmore Teddy Roosevelt the rock Machine. Greetings all. I’m 48. No spring chicken or wannabe or has been and certainly no try hard. Proof I have. It’s the rare few that know. It origins Native American Indian. From the land down under Australia. Ride to live not live to ride. Oh have a business called Global Hands Industries got Harley designs ready to hit assembly runway as such. Free plug why not. This parchment shit is real. Need help guys.… Read more »