Combat Veterans (International)


Combat Veterans International Is A Non-profit Organization Dedicated To Assisting All Veterans To The Best Of Our Ability, With An Emphasis On Combat Veterans.

We share a fellowship and a common interest in motorcycling. We have chapters throughout the Northwest and are working with veterans in various Northwest states to form new chapters.

As Combat Veterans we proudly ride in honor and respect of all Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, and those brothers and sisters who were killed in combat supporting our country, in past, present, and future military actions. Our mission shall be: To support all Veterans, especially Combat Veterans, to the best of our ability, regardless of race, religion, age, sex, or country of origin. To fit into the areas where we live: As a non-confrontational/non-territorial motorcycle organization, showing respect for all human kind. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Organization is: Open to all verified Combat Veterans that meet specific criteria, and successfully complete a probationary period.

Combat Veterans (International)

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