Commitatus MC (UK)

Commitatus MC England is a 1%er motorcycle club of close brothers with a common interest in the way we live our lives.

‘Commitatus’ from ‘Comitatus Posse’, an ancient system used originally by the Romano-British and then the early English, whereby all the able bodied men of the local area were summoned in times of emergency to repel invaders.

The club Commitatus MC is organised like most other motorcycle clubs, around the charter system.

Unlike most motorcycle clubs however we are not divided by geographical boundaries.

We have adopted a system based on the different realms of Norse mythology.

At present Commitatus MC have two charters, Midgard and Asgard.

The club badge like most things concerning the club is again rooted in Odinic symbolism.

The central shield is a Saxon shield knot, this is an ancient symbol of strength and protection. The sword signifies that we are an all male group based on the warrior ethos. Lastly, the laurels represent success and victory. 

Commitatus MC Midgard

15 June 2017: In loving memory of ‘Ollie 1%er’ G.B.N.F

Hundreds of mourners including motorcycle club members from around the world turned out to say farewell to much-loved biker Ollie Jennings.

Crayford came to a standstill on Friday as a cavalcade of bikers accompanied Mr Jennings’ hearse through the town for “Ollie’s Last Ride”.

It went from the Duke’s Head to a service at Kemnal Park, Chislehurst, and back for a burial service at St Paulinus Church.

Mr Jennings died aged 25 in a crash on the A228 Peninsula Way, near Hoo, last month, leaving family and friends devastated.

But his funeral was testament to his popularity in Crayford and further afield, with motorbike clubs travelling from as far as Australia to pay their respects.

Clubs in attendance included the Chosen Few from Belgium, No Name from Denmark, the Coffin Cheaters from Australia and Norway, as well as Hells Angels, Vikings, Road Rats, Iron Horses, Red Devils, F.U.B MC, Renegade MC and Mr Jennings’ own club Commitatus MC.

Mr Jennings’ family said they were heartbroken over their loss, and Ollie – a son, brother, uncle, cousin, grandson, friend, and boyfriend – would be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

Commitatus MC Asgard

Commitatus MC Asgard


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