Custodians MC (UK)

Custodians MC England was formed in 2017 following the Westminster Terrorist attack and is the World’s only Crown Servant Motorcycle Club.
Its a traditional MC that follows democratic MC protocol.

The Custodians MC is not a 1% club and doesn’t pretend to be but does offer due respect to other clubs on the road.
The club’s members are all men who serve or who have served the Crown on the front line.

Membership is made up from serving or former serving members of the armed forces and/or emergency services.

Custodians MC is a Crown Servant MC and membership is for serving or former members of the Crown, including Police, Ambulance, Fire Service personnel, Military, Prison Officers, RNLI etc.

The club currently has 4 Chapters in England, South East, South West, East Anglia and the National Chapter which is made up of a national committee which overseas the regional chapters.

All potential members are prospected and are expected to show loyalty, honour, respect and hard work towards the club and its members.

National President Announcement 15th October 2022:

It is with great satisfaction that I’m to announce that Custodians MC has reached a size where it is no longer practical to remain a National club and operate as one ‘chapter’. I have, therefore, sanctioned Custodians MC to function as an approved group of Chapters overseen by a National Committee. This will commence from 16th October 2022.

To date there are three official chapters, South East, South West and East Anglia. In time this is expected to extend to more around the country in due course. The three chapters have each submitted a proposal of how they will structure themselves and operate with the MC and without prejudice these proposals were sanctioned by myself. I think this is a great move for the MC and will assist in the overall growth and development.

National President
Custodians MC

Being a Custodian is a way of life.

Custodians MC

Custodians MC

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Lee piggott

Looking at joining the custodian MCC ,live in Lincolnshire and was ten year in forces (Pioneer corps/royal logistics any information details would be appreciated.