Dead Rabbits MC (USA)

Dead Rabbits MC, Indiana, USA

Lacking a motorcycle scene, the Dead Rabbits Motorcycle Club was founded in 1993, in a small, southern Indiana town, about 30 miles north of the Ohio River.

The original six members, two of them siblings, desired nothing more than a small club that loved to party hard and ride harder.

Almost 30 years later, the Dead Rabbits MC is still a small, traditional, three piece patch club that is resolved to remain amongst ourselves, avoiding the drama and politics.

We party by ourselves, ride by ourselves, and trust in ourselves.

The Dead Rabbits MC was formed after an immigrant from Ireland who fought in the U.S. Army came back to America.

He had known that some of his family members were in a gang from the early 1900s called the Dead Rabbits.

He moved to Liberty City soon after to find a better life.

Dead Rabbits MC

Admin: Does anyone have an image of their patch, is this even a true story?

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Dead Rabbits motorcycle society

This is the original Dead Rabbits not club but motorcycle society and envoles in any motorcycle function


I met a guy who said he was a founder of that club