Devil’s Brew MC (California)

Devil’s Brew MC California

Devil’s Brew MC ‘Vets Helping Vets, One Soul At A Time’ The devil on our centre patch represents a devil may care attitude stirring up a pot of mischief.

  • The black came to be a symbol of individuality, intellectual and social rebellion.
  • The color of those who didn’t accept established norms and values.
  • The color gray or shades of gray represent the magnitude of good or evil.” Vets Helping Vets “One Soul At A Time…” is our duty and passion. The only drug we allow is ALCOHOL period.
  • Devil’s Brew motorcycle club is a club for and by American Military Honourably Discharged Veterans.
  • We ride for the hell and joy of riding motorcycles.
  • We most definitely are a motorcycle club so do us the favour of making the distinction between an MC and a riding club.
  • We look like a motorcycle club and we ride and talk like motorcycle club. (our membership consists of men only).

Before anyone else decides to claim that Devil’s Brew MC California’s colors are displayed here without authority and state the following: 

A cease and desist order has been mailed certified mail to the parties that are fictitiously using these patches for their organization I own the trademark on these patches please remove them immediately from any websites that you may be hosting for them they have also been emailed a copy of the cease and desist order as well as you please print sign and return also cease and desist from publishing this logo or any similarity of this logo on any websites anywhere.

That Papa “Frank” of the Californian Devil’s Brew MC states that he filed for trademark for the Devils Brew MC with a California bottom rocker years ago.

Any further attempts in claiming ownership will be ignored by the admin of unless a request is made by a senior ranking member of Devil’s Brew MC with proof of such position.

Devil’s Brew MC

Devil's Brew MC

Please contact admin if this is or was your motorcycle club and you wish to add, edit or remove any of this content

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