Dorset Nomads MCC (UK)

UK Dorset

Dorset Nomads MCC was founded in May 1974 when the Dorset branch of the Norton Owners Club disbanded. First meeting place was The Rossmore pub, Parkstone. The club’s first President was Frederick Uden and his son, Robert, was secretary. Dorset Nomads MCC are non political and was formed by bikers who just wanted to ride, party and have fun. For about twenty years the club held their annual rally ‘The Oasis’ at various sites in Dorset. It is a condition of the club that all full members hold a motorcycle license and ride regularly when they can. Members still like to ride, party and have fun, just because we’re all older doesn’t mean we don’t like to dress up a bit and dick about when we get the chance!

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Are you having any rallies this year