Exiles Cumbria MCC (UK)

Exiles Cumbria MCC are a Male only membership Motorcycle Side Patch Club based in Cumbria, England.

Founded in 2010, the Exiles Motorcycle Club has evolved multiple times since its birth, starting out as a Riders Club, progressing on to an MCC – Motorcycle Club – and then further evolving into the Exiles Cumbria itself, a side-patch club on the 1st of January 2016.

Then around the end of the Covid Pandemic in 2021 the whole club Exiles Cumbria was patched over by the Devil`s Disciple MC, England, forming the Devil`s Disciple North Cumbria Chapter.

Exiles Cumbria no longer Exist.

Exiles Cumbria MCC

Exiles Cumbria MCC

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Graeme Messenger

hi bros hope you all have a brill Christmas with you and yours. I miss the craic and all of you. ride well and take care L&R Mesh