Fenrir Motorcycle Brotherhood (UK)


The F.M.B. is a motorcycle brotherhood born from bro’s from various prison based motorcycle clubs who, for one reason or another, became disillusioned with how those clubs were run. F.M.B. despite its history, no longer has any links with the prison system, other than many of our U.S. brothers who are doing time. The history behind our Clubs origins, and our spirit, are both reflected in the Norse legend of Fenrir the Wolf, and it is from this that we take our name and patch.
Let’s start with the idea of the Wolf. The roots of the Club lie with downed bikers in general. In September 1994, the three British founder members of “Sons Of Fenris Motorcycle Brotherhood” ( As it was then called ) all left Wolfshead M.C.C. to start the Club. Wolfshead got its name from the fact that Saxon convicts were branded with a wolfs head by their Norman lords back in 12th century Britain. Although the U.K. side of the Club changed its name to “Fenrir Motorcycle Brotherhood” in 1996,
our American brothers have kept the original name.
Who was Fenrir (Also known as Fenris, depending on which book you read) ? Unfortunately, there isn’t room here to tell the full tale of Fenrir, but here is a brief account. Fenrir was one of three demonic offspring, fathered by the Norse God, Loki. He was taken by Odin, Lord of the Norse gods, as a pet, but he grew so big and terrible that the rest of the gods began to fear him. They devised a series of challenges, which led Fenrir to be tricked into being chained to a rock, from which he could not escape.
Legend has it that he will remain there until the end of the world, when he will eventually break free, bringing about Ragnarok, and destroying himself and Odin in the process. So that’s the legend, what has it got to do with us? Fenrir was tricked into being chained by lies and deceit. Apart from the obvious connection between the chains and our roots in downed bikers, those of us that started the club did so because we were pissed off with all the deceit and backstabbing in our previous clubs. That is why it should be important to us that those things have NO place in the F.M.B. Also, Fenrir was a wolf, and we have already covered that link.
Although we have different names now, both U.K. and U.S.A. brothers have the same patch, but with different lettering. A wolfs head, breaking a chain in its mouth, flanked by a skull on each side, Fenrir and his siblings.
The symbol we use is based on the rune for the letter “F” for Fenrir. Runes were the sacred letters ( or alphabet ) revealed to Odin, Fenrir’s master. The reason we write it the way we do is quite deep, and not everyone will be interested. If you want an explanation, ask, but knowing where it comes from is enough for most people.
The emphasis is on brotherhood, with rules, red tape and politics kept to a minimum. We have a chapter in the U.S.A. as well as the U.K. We are not an M.C. or M.C.C. but an independent brotherhood of like-minded bikers.
With this kind of set-up, the more you put in to the Club, the more you will get out. If you just sit back and wait for something to happen, chances are it won’t, and you will be wondering why you joined. People who are just along for the ride, people who are out for what they can get, people who are looking for an outlaw set-up, none of them last long.
People who are genuine, who respect their Bro’s, nothing more, nothing less, these are our kind of people.

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Dreg never stayed with the club!
I was the one that found out at the Bulldog Bash that there was a “Sons of Fenris MC
Crusaders ” who when I was chatting to them advised “Popeye” to dig a hole, the Sons of Hell were also after the club as a member of the Sons of Fenris Brotherhood was going round telling everyone they were going MC (weasel) did stay long, I stayed with FMB for two years and the moved to a large official MC support club!


Yo Easy, e mail me on mcmcunningham77@gmail.com. Respects…Popeye


Hi Eazy, just dropped a link of this to Popeye, hope you guys can get in touch

Lone Wolf

Hi, Lone Wolf here, still alive and well.


Popeyes in pershore worcs, not seen lonewolf in yonks, club sadly disintergrated a few years ago, some moved abroad, some migrateed to other clubs,some went ncc, some wolfshead (northeast), the dregs stayed with the club.

Chad Nispel

My name’s Eazy. Was a part on this side of the pond some years ago. Remember Popeye. Would like to hear from him again. Also Line Wolf from Eire.