Freewheelin Few MCC (UK)

Freewheelin Few MCC are a band of brothers who share the same principles: Brotherhood, Respect, Loyalty, a love of motorcycles and riding. If this is the kind of club you’d want to join, message us via our Facebook page.

F66RC Youth organisation – Riding Club. We are based in and around Watford to Hemel Hempstead, we are members of the ’81 London Alliance’ whom have helped us to establish ourselves as the club we are today.

We are now an MCC (made MCC in May 2023 by HAMC London) and we have changed our colours to red and grey and our club logo is the Romani wheel with flames and a skull within the wheel. Our patches are red on grey with red borders. We are now working towards the next step!

We use Romani ranks because we are a Romani club although, we do take non-Romani and teach them the language and customs).

The Romani colloquially known as Roma, are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group, traditionally nomadic itinerants living mostly in Europe especially Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (including Southern France), as well as Western Asia (mainly Turkey) and diaspora populations in the Americas.

The Romani people arrived in West Asia and Europe around the 14th century.

Freewheelin Few MCC

Freewheelin Few MCCFreewheelin Few MCC Patch Layout

Freewheelin Few MCC Patches

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