Gods of War MC (Australia)

Gods of War MC - Australia

Gods of War MC is a worldwide Military Motorcycle Club for any Commonwealth & Allied country service personnel & their supporters, regardless of gender, colour or ethnicity.

The clubs origins are back in 2008 Australia by a former British soldier.

We use an Army structure which breaks down into categories depending on license held & service history.

Full membership is available for motorcycle license holding current & ex of all branches of the services.

Non-MC license service members are eligible & classed as 'Armoured', where non servicing supporters are classed as 'CSSB'.

We have a philosophy of service & brotherhood, we love to live & live to ride. So whether Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, give us a shout.

We can be contacted at recruitment@godsofwarmc.com

Gods of War MC

Gods of War MC

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Gods of War MC
Gods of War MC
06/07/2016 16:35

Thanks, I’ve sent you an email..

Outlaws MC Liverpool
Outlaws MC Liverpool
04/07/2016 13:02

it has come to my attention that you’re planning to set up in Liverpool England if this is true please contact us asap regarding this matter