Gringos MC (Germany)

Germany, Starnberg

Gringos MC Germany were founded in 2001 from a former Munich Motorcycle Club and some members of the Munich football scene a new club, the Gringos MC Germany was - Chapter Munich established as a support club to the Bandidos MC.

In order to show this as well as the other support clubs of the Bandidos MC, they made their way to Denmark and picked up the "I support Bandidos MC worldwide" patch directly from European presidente Jim 1%er.

For a long time, the Bandidos MC's Munich-City chapter was the direct point of contact in the red and gold nation.

At the same time, a Gringos Chapter Johannesburg was formed in South Africa, which unfortunately did not exist for very long due to the distance and the associated problems, because if you want to race under the same colors, it is essential that contact must always be maintained.

In May / June 2001, the first talks took place with the Serpent Hawks MC based in Starnberg, as they wanted to join the Red and Gold Family. After both sides became friends with each other, the Gringos MC Chapter Starnberg was founded. Shortly thereafter, the Gringos MC Chapter Passau was formed.

Due to the size in Munich, another chapter was founded, which now proudly wears the side rocker "South Side".

Due to many trips in southern Germany, the group became more and more popular and so it came about that a chapter was also wanted to be founded in the Allgäu. No sooner said than done In 2003 there was also the Gringos MC Chapter ALLGÄU, which was based in the Sonthofen area. However, some members of this chapter decided to make the step to Bandidos MC and one or the other had to leave the chapter of their own volition to take care of family and work and so it became quiet for the Allgäu Chapter. That changed, however, when a Marktoberdorf club made a patch over after careful consideration and joined the nation. From now on, the Gringos MC Chapter Allgäu was based in Marktoberdorf.

In 2006 another club decided to join the red and gold nation. The colors are now also used by the Gringos MC Chapter Ammersee.

Since the end of 2006 there have been plans to open another chapter in the northern part of Bavaria. At the Bandidos MC National Run 2007, our brothers' wish finally came true and after all Gringos MC chapters agreed, they received their color and became the Gringos MC Chapter ULM.

Gringos MC Germany

Gringos MC Germany


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