Hells Angels MC (World)


Probably the most well known motorcycle club and certainly one of the biggest, the Hells Angels MC (HAMC) (81) has spread its wings all over the World.

On March 17th 1948 the first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in the Fontana/San Bernardino area in the United States of America. About the same time, other clubs were formed in various places in the state of California, but none of these clubs were associated with Hells Angels nor with each other. Most of them do not exist today, but the Berdoo charter (San Bernadino) still do. The admission of clubs from all over the globe caused changes in the structure of the Hells Angels. The small motorcycle club from Berdoo was now Mother Charter to the world´s biggest motorcycle brotherhood, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club World. Today Hells Angels MC World has charters in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

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Holly Fletcher

Hi my name is Holly Fletcher. Geraldton Western Australia. 1933 covens brotherhood’s came up from near San Andres Fault. Each looking for that something specific. The hands speak you know. A lot of Presidents 1% would have the parchment with red wax candle seal and tree of life on it. I am all. Ridiculous maybe but not. Seventh son of seventh son I am. 61457755604 number if you know. Mt Rushmore Teddy Roosevelt the rock Machine. Greetings all. I’m 48. No spring chicken or wannabe or has been and certainly no try hard. Proof I have. It’s the rare few that know. It origins Native American Indian. From the land down under Australia. Ride to live not live to ride. Oh have a business called Global Hands Industries got Harley designs ready to hit assembly runway as such. Free plug why not. This parchment shit is real. Need help guys.… Read more »