Hells Belles Women’s Motorcycle Club (UK)

Hells Belles Women’s Motorcycle Club (WMC) founded in 2010 is the United Kingdom’s only independent women’s Backpatch Club.


The original members who established the club are Pagan Witches.

We are a totally self-supporting “Independent” Women’s MC based in the United Kingdom. We are not or ever will be connected to any other motorcycle club.

All members of the Hell’s Belles WMC ride their own motorcycle. The Hell’s Belles WMC is run around its own charter.

We are not influenced by or do not get involved with any other motorcycle club. We do not follow the stereotypical structure of the majority of motorcycle clubs in the UK.

We do wear our own unique Back Patch and we have our own independent clubhouse at The Cauldron.

At present Hells Belles Women’s Motorcycle Club meeting nights are on Mondays between 6.30pm to 9.00pm at the Clubhouse, “The Cauldron” situated in the Globe Industrial Estate, Darbyshire Street, Radcliffe, M26 2TA.
The first Monday of the month is “Members only” all other Mondays are “women only” but the last Monday of the month is Open Night for everyone.

Hell’s Belles WMC is starting to gain members in other areas of the UK and therefore we are beginning to open up other chapters across the country.

If you would like to join us you have to be invited to join by one of our members, if you are interested in joining make sure that we are aware of your intention to join Hell’s Belles WMC.

You must have a full UK motorcycle licence and have your own street legal motorcycle or trike.

Hells Belles Women’s Motorcycle Club

Hells Belles Women’s Motorcycle Club

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