Hoods Riders RC (UK)

Hoods Riders RC (Rally Club) is a motorcycle club in the Nottingham area, our aim is to unite lone riders who may wish to hook up with like minded riders, for ride outs, blogging and all social gatherings.

Hoods Riders RC welcomes all riders regardless of gender, style or make / model of motor cycle however you must own a motor cycle of at least 250cc or above and be fully licenced and insured to ride it.

Hoods Riders does not welcome people with bad attitudes, big heads or outlaw wannabes – if that’s what your looking for then there are plenty of other motorcycle clubs to join.

Hoods Riders is not as yet a patched club however this would be considered by members in the near future.

We are a Notts based motorcycle riding club, we are seeking new members to join us on ride-outs, meets etc.

Hoods Riders RCHoods Riders RC

Please contact admin if this is or was your motorcycle club and you wish to add, edit or remove any of this content.

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