Iron Horses MC (International)


In 1966 American GI’s, from the Barracks in Fürth, founded the Iron Horses MC. They had already brought the Colours with them from the USA. In 1971 the first German members joined.
In this area they held big parties and rallies, among them the famous “HOG-Rallies”. There were also a lot of rallies in foreign parts, e.g. to Ghostriders in the Netherlands, or to Club 69 in England.

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Jimmy A Searls

I was a member of the Iron Horses while I was stationed in Nurnburg Germany from 1981 to 1984 does anyone know if it’s still there


The chapter still lives

Hilary Riches

Saw the Iron Horses Patch whilst looking for Bike Rallies.
It brought back many happy memories as i was a member back in the mid 80’s early 90’s. I was secretary & helped set up the 1st British Chapter, was then based in Kent UK. My then name was “H” & partner of “Spanner” who was President.
Be nice to know if the Kent chapter is still in existence & if any members from those days are still around.