Iron Phoenix Riding Club (USA)

USA Saginaw, Michigan

In times of darkness, we all look for the light to guide our way out. Iron Phoenix Riding Club can be that light. We aim to be among the vanguard for suicide prevention and awareness. We are a club of survivors. We welcome those that want to help spread awareness in hopes of preventing suicide.

Iron Phoenix Riding Club promotes the understanding, prevention of suicide and support those who have been affected by providing an opportunity to ride together in a safe, fun and non-judgmental environment in which honesty and compassion about others prevail. IPRC welcomes people of all races, sex, orientation, and riding experience.

IPRC was officially founded in 2016. We wanted to have a club that fit our goals. All of us had been in other clubs and though they were good clubs. They were not quite the best fit for us. So our founders Tony “T.K.” Knoll, Matt “WingNut” Ryals, Vince “Seven” Johnson, Jillian “Jilli” Ryals and Fred “Easyrider” Reckman decided to create a club that was a perfect fit.
We value respect, honesty and humanitarian Ideals. We value life and those living it. We are a fun loving, good natured and sometimes crazy bunch of people. Come ride with us and see why life is worth participating in.

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