Knights Templar Motorcycle Club (Intl)

International Motorcycle Club

We are all members of different Templar Orders, our main area is the UK but we have members in Australia and the USA. Templarias Motorcycle Club.

Knights Templar Motorcycle Club are open to men and women over the age of 21. All full members must have been knighted by a recognised Order of Templars, they must own a motorcycle and hold a valid full motorcycle licence and insurance. New members must start there training to become a Knight Templar and ride a motorcycle and only once they are knighted do they become a full patch member.

We are all Christian. We are not part of or claim to be part of the KTI Knights Templar International although some of our members may be part of KTI. We are not nor do we ever intend to be a 1% Club. We respect all 1% Clubs and Riding Cubs (MCC in the UK). We have no affiliation with any Club only God. We are an international Club (we are not KTI) and have Chapters in the US, Australia, UK and Europe.

Knights Templar Motorcycle Club

Knights Templar Motorcycle Club

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