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Lords of Loyalty MC was born in 1997 California as an all L.E. (Law Enforcement)  Motorcycle Club. It grew from the West Coast to the East Coast, into Europe and everywhere in between.

As times changed, so did the club. It wandered away from its roots. The desire to grow and spread its seed became more important than its original reason for being an MC. Today we are rebuilding, reforming the foundation that was always here, it never left, it was just not as important, it was hidden and not talked about. Those times and people are gone!

The Lords of Loyalty MC has always had law enforcement in the club, it always will. We do not distinguish a difference between a brother from the US or from Europe. A brother is a brother, regardless of his employment or location.

The Lords of Loyalty MC is open to male prospective members from active or retired law enforcement, active or honorably discharged veteran military, fire, civil servant and other select governmental employment. Joining this club was difficult in the past, that also wandered; if something isn’t difficult to earn, then it isn’t difficult to disrespect it and throw it down. That must change too! Joining the Lords of Loyalty MC will be difficult. It will demand of its prospective members loyalty, dedication, commitment and sacrifice of time. It requires an American Made motorcycle. It requires you are free of felony convictions. We know protocol, we respect all who respect us. We are not a “cop club,” you do not have to ask, “do we have cops in the club?” We mind our own business and expect the same in return. If you are interested in the Lords of Loyalty MC, contact us directly in person or via email.

Lords of Loyalty MC

Lords of Loyalty MC

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