Lost 202 Riding Club (USA)

The Lost 202 Riding Club was founded on January 2nd 2005.

Lost 202 is a non-territorial, single patch motorcycle riding club based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area of Minnesota.

We ride with any make & model of motorcycle and we welcome both men & women into membership.

The ten original founding members had previously been members of another international riding club, the local chapter of that club being chapter #202. That club had positioned itself as a “family values” riding club. They had rules… rules, rules and rules! Some of which we did not agree with. Membership and rides were another problem. While we were experienced and aggressive riders, the club was open to anyone that filled out an application online. New, inexperienced and often unskilled riders were regularly showing up for our rides. Too often these new riders were ending up out in corn fields or worse. For some time we had considered splitting off and starting a new club. The straw that finally broke the camels back came when one of our members went down and sustained serious injury. We wanted to hold a fund raiser for him, but the international riding club said we could not hold the fund raiser in a bar. That was it. We decided to go ahead with our plan and split off, forming a new independent riding club. We got Lost… the Lost 202.

Do not take this the wrong way, our former club, “the international riding club”, is a good club. It serves a valuable purpose for those that are looking for that sort of experience. It was just not what we wanted. The red “X” over the zero in 202 on our patch represents both our split from the former club as well as a link to where we came from. The Lost 202 is a riding club (RC), not a motorcycle club (MC). We are non-voting participants in the MMCC (Minnesota Motorcycle Club Coalition), we attend their meetings and support their functions, but we are not a support club for any MC. We do not allow our members to wear any support gear, patches or decals.

The Lost 202 wears a one piece patch which identifies us as a “Riding Club”. It is our patch and not considered “colors” by the MC community, but we respect it. We accept both men and women riders into membership, and we accept any make of motorcycle of at least 600 cc’s. We do not have a traditional “Clubhouse”, but we do have our own private garage bar known as “The Wolves Den” or just “The Den”.

So, the Lost 202 exists now. But why? What is the Lost 202?

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lost 202 is to bring together fellow motorcyclists whose common interest is motorcycle riding, to promote social camaraderie, support various non-profit charities, and to aid and assist its members when needed.

Motorcycle riding and socializing (spell that: “party”), is what we do. We look for members to be committed to participating in the club, both by riding with us and by partying with us. Our Saturday rides will generally average in length from 100 to 300+ miles. We attend many local and regional rallies and motorcycle events, usually but not always camping. We gather a couple times a week to just hang out, shoot some shit and enjoy life.

Club Motto

“Mistakes Were Made”
        ~ Father Murphy

Lost 202 rides and riding style are geared toward intermediate to advanced skills riders. Lost 202 rides are closed rides, open to Lost 202 Members or Member invited guests ONLY.

If you are looking for a club to ride with a time or two per year and that’s it, the Lost 202 is not for you. We do expect a certain level of participation on both rides and at social events to maintain membership in good standing.

A word about Lost 202 Rides and Riding Style.

The Lost 202 was formed for a number of reasons, among those was the desire to ride aggressive rides with proficient riders that know how to safely ride in aggressive group rides, and not worry about the constant influx of new riders that some other open membership clubs experience. There is nothing wrong with new riders, we were all new once, it’s not a put down or insult. However…..
1.) New riders may interfere with experienced rider’s enjoyment of the ride.
2.) New riders may be influenced to ride beyond their skill level in an effort to run with the more experienced and aggressive club members.

It’s just a fact. New or inexperienced riders have an impact on those that ride with them, both behind them and in front of them. Some behind the new rider will become bored or frustrated at being held back. But, we as a club also have a concern that a new riders “pride” may influence them to attempt to ride with us at our same level… and this may result in them riding beyond their abilities which will in the best case scenario, cause that rider a lot of stress and in the worst case, could result in them crashing…

Ride Your Own Ride

We’ve all heard the saying “Ride your own ride.” We in the Lost 202 do believe in that sentiment. But if Someone’s riding skill is such that it prevents those behind them from enjoying the ride or riding “their ride”… they either don’t belong on a Lost 202 ride or we need to accommodate them in a way which will not hinder the other more experienced riders, nor put the lesser skilled rider at risk.

The Lost web page says… new or inexperienced riders are not welcome on our rides unless invited by a club member. If a newer rider is invited to ride with the club, a “buddy system” is used to accommodate and insure the safety of that rider.

Over the years, the club has grown from the original 10 founding members to approximately 35 members. Membership in the Lost 202 is by invitation. In order to be sponsored, the prospective member must have ridden with us enough to have been judged at least an advanced intermediate skilled rider and partied with us enough for us to feel that they “fit in” with the club. There is a 6 month waiting period once a prospective member is sponsored before they can be voted in as a full member.
There are three levels of membership.
– Full Member
– Associate Member; non-rider / passenger, significant other of a Full Member. (This membership status was discontinued in 2011)
– Honorary Member

Lost 202 Riding Club

Lost 202 Riding Club
Lost 202 Riding Club
Lost 202 Riding Club
Lost 202 Riding Club

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