Millennium 2000 BC Bike Club (UK)

Millennium 2000 BC Bike Club,  Lancashire

December 1999 at the Woodsman pub Bamber Bridge, was when 7 friends got together and first formed Millennium 2000 BC, from there the club moved to the Black Bull Bamber Bridge.

Many of these original members although no longer in the club still now see us regularly.

Membership has grown from the original 7 members to a healthy 50+ and when the club needed a larger venue for their meetings, they again approached the Woodsman Pub and were there until Sep 2001.

When due to a temporary closure of the Woodsman we moved to Tommy Tuckers, School Lane, Bamber Bridge.

Due to Tucker’s closing for renovation, not due to us I may add, we now meet at The Broadfield Arms, Leyland Lane, Leyland.

You do not have to be a member to attend a meeting and you will be made most welcome if you do, just let a member know on the night you are there and would like to attend and they will introduce you.

We held our 1st bike show in 2001 and since then we have hosted 8 Anniversary rock-nights, 4 Halloween rock nights, and 6 Rallies.

We put on our first Rally in 2002 for around 200 people and since then it has grown each year to over 900 attending now.

We have held the CAVEMAN BASH Rally every year since.

Everyone parties for the whole weekend, there is plenty of entertainment.

We also have the Millennium Girls, a formidable group indeed.

They are not just the other half’s, but a very valuable part of the club, and can probably out ride the blokes (in other clubs of course).

They know how to party at the rallies, rock nights etc and stick together like glue, so it is not just a blokes club.

Millennium 2000 BC

Millennium 2000 BC

If any member or ex-member has a bigger image of Millennium 2000 BC’s patch please upload in the comments section below.

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Why is the seven original members name’s not listed , in how the club started up , surely all seven original members should be mention as the club would not exist without them starting it in the first place, . Thanks from Nellie the original founder member.

Hammer (Chairman)
Reply to  Nellie

Anyone can start a club, however, Millennium2000BC has existed for over 24 years, many of the members have lasted well over 15 yrs in this club. Had it not been for a few members that still remain the club would have folded years ago so they are the members that deserve the respect not founders that didn’t remain.