Mohawks Brotherhood (UK)

Mohawks Brotherhood were formed in the spring of 2003 and the Berkshire charter started in 2004, we are a side patch club.

The Mohawks Brotherhood have been travelling around the world, riding in Ireland, France and even went to Switzerland for the 2013 Mohawk MC party.

We have been supporting charities for years and have raised thousands of pounds for different charities, we have held events such as parties and food eating competition to raise funds for charity.

The Mohawks Brotherhood have visited clubs in the UK, from Wales to Scotland and Ireland too! We are involved with clubs in the local area and support their parties when we can, meeting new prospects and making new friendships.

The Mohawks Brotherhood have had a few previous homes before currently resting at the Traveller’s Friend in Crookham Common, we were at the Lambs Head in Theale, the six bells in Shinfield, the Burghfield social club, outside max cafe, the kings head in Thatcham and the Travellers friend.
To say we have been around a while would be an understatement as we have been around the area longer than most other local clubs and keep the heritage of the Mohawks Brotherhood through the members.

These are the original words from the Dorset chapter president.

Honour, Loyalty, Respect, Strength…
These are all words that many would aspire to, but few would commit to living their lives by. Without persistent dedication these words are nothing but an empty statement. Fortunately, a few of us are committed to living our lives by our code of honour.
We may be small in member numbers but stubborn in our ways and we are not about to change now.

Our club was born in the spring of 2003 in Dorset, and within a few months the Berkshire Chapter was formed.

The Dorset Chapter disbanded in 2009, but our Berkshire Chapter has remained in existence against some bad odds. We are a small club and without constant dedication from our members it could all have been and gone.

For us it’s about the future, and we think we have some interesting times lying ahead. We like to put up a few parties every year, so if you are a local biker looking to meet new people and have a good time, or a friend coming from afar, get in touch via comments.

Of course, our club is a Brotherhood, and we all must ride motorcycles, but you don’t have to be a biker to come to our parties and have a drink with us. We are friendly and approachable (mostly) and respect is always returned. We do not, I’m afraid, entertain fools.

If you like what you see and read about us, and are looking for the kind of commitment, trust, and respect that one won’t find in other walks of life, come to our hangout and have a drink with us. You never know, you might be a future member of the Mohawks Brotherhood. We like upstanding people, and even if you can’t afford the commitment, by becoming a friend of the club, you will always be welcome.

Mohawks Brotherhood

Mohawks Brotherhood

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