Riders of Badr (UK)

Riders of Badr are Britain’s first and only Muslim Riders Club which welcome both brothers and sisters.

We believe it is our duty to use what we love for all the good causes that we can help towards, charity, events, fundraising and many more.

We also wish to break down the barriers of Islamophobia, which is ripe throughout the country.

Riders of Badr

Therefore Riders of Badr welcome members from all backgrounds and faiths.

We aim to become the largest Muslim/Asian friendly motorcycle club.

We are not affiliated to any MC or group. Our aim is to help our local communities. Many people may see bikers with a negative light and we want to change that.

Ride For Humanity


BADR is a name of a town in Saudi Arabia, Madinah Province. A famous battle took place known as ‘The Battle of Badr’. The battle took place on 13th March 624CE near the present day city of Badr. This battle shows the courage and strength shown by a few against the many.

Riders of Badr

Ride For Humanity is a biking community that likes to use their hobby to assist humanitarian causes all over the world.

We organise various bike rides and fundraise for on going projects. We have started to organise various bike rides and fundraise for different projects. We are working alongside One Nation to assist with Project Pakistan.

This is our biggest ride yet and we can’t do it without your support. 

Donate & fundraise here


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