Rock Machine MC (World)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rock Machine MC (World) is an international one percenter outlaw motorcycle club with chapters all over the world.

The Rock Machine Motorcycle Club (RMMC), is an International one percent motorcycle club founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1986 by brothers Salvatore Cazzetta and Giovanni Cazzetta.

The real Rock Machine motorcycle clubs international mother chapter is located in Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada, with chapters located in USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Thailand, Australia, Serbia and New Zealand.

Between 1996-2002 The infamous Quebec Biker war saw Rock Machine MC form an alliance with a number of other organizations in an attempt to control the streets of Canada. The conflict resulted in over 160 deaths and over 300 injuries. An additional 100+ were imprisoned.

In December 2000 Rock Machine MC became a probationary chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle club after being an official hangaround club for eighteen months.
Bandidos MC national officer Edward Winterhalder was put in charge of overseeing the transition under Bandidos MC international president George Wegers.
The Rock Machine MC (1986 to 1999) changed our colors from black and platinum to red and gold. In May 1999, the colors remained red and gold until we became Bandidos MC, in December 2000.

In 2007 the few remaining Bandidos members in Canada quit the organization and Bandidos Canada was dissolved, former members of the Bandidos MC reformed the Rock Machine MC, adopting the original black and platinum colors as their patch. Since 2007, the Rock Machine MC is a club of motorcycle enthusiasts that is not involved in criminal activity, any members of this club that do so act on their own accord and without the consent of the club.

Rock Machine MC World

Rock Machine MC World

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